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Rocca Merlot Veneto Superiori  2014 

Region: Veneto

Varietal: Merlot


Tasting Notes:

Fresh and light wine with a red ruby color, berries and plum

fragrances, pleasant taste


Food Pairing:

Pasta, rabbit, duck, roasted and salted meat, fresh cheese.


Merlot wines have increased in popularity in recent years with

production of both blended wines as well as 100 percent Merlot

wines. This varietal is the fifth most widely planted grape variety in Italy. While Tuscany, where Merlot is used liberally in the production of Super-Tuscan wines, has received the most attention, more Merlot is actually grown in the Alto Adige, and Veneto regions in northeastern Italy. Some Merlot is also planted in Umbria, Campania, and Sicily. 

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